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28th of January, 2023
Club Kablys
Kauno g. 5, Vilnius

Klubas Pikuolis
Event organizer
Club “Pikuolis”
Phone: +37061272742

Festival VILKŲ ŽIEMA which will ravage Vilnius on December 2nd fills its lineup with artists, which have been invited to Lithuania especially for this occasion. The organizers reveal that they are very fond of these bands. We aim to communicate with those musicians who are attractive for ourselves and we anticipate that they appeal to our audience as well.

We present you the maddest performers of the festival, the maniacs of blackened rock‘n‘roll from Italy – BAPHOMET‘S BLOOD! Though today the band counts 14 years already, they definitely do not lack of energy. Last year these Italians released the best album in their history and had new drummer and bassist coming to the band. If you are an old fan of speed metal or even a newcomer to the scene, BAPHOMET’S BLOOD will easily appeal to all. Inspired by 80’s spirit and bourbon, the frontman of the band Necrovomiterror states: “Rock and roll is a way of life, not only on Saturday nights. Nice boys don’t play rock‘n’roll.”

Other guests, which are no less expected in our winter meeting, are half-Lithuanian masters of Epic Metal ROMUVOS! Band‘s leader Velnias was born in 1981 in Kaunas, his father being Latvian and mother Lithuanian. However, when Velnias was a child, they moved to the exotic Israel. Though he still lives there, Velnias has Lithuanian citizenship and doesn’t call Israel home.
ROMUVOS create deep music about Pagan times, Baltic traditions with elements of Velnias’ own fantasy. Their first concert took place on Kilkim Žaibu 17 stage. After that the band didn’t stop going forward, they released the second album called “Infront of Destiny”, which they will introduce in Vilnius, festival Winter of Wolves this time!

And the honor to open the festival this time goes to the dwellers of Kaunas’ underground – the band NEKKRALAI. These enthusiasts of Blackened Punk have released a cult and not recognized by critics EP “Kliudžiau”, and incubate a new album which, according to the band, is going to be much darker than the first songs.

Also we remind you that in the headliners of VILKŲ ŽIEMA are going to be ASPHYX – the true essence of Death metal!

The list of participants is not over yet. There will be more!

Now tickets to the festival cost €20.
The price from November 1st will be €22.
Tickets at the doors will cost €25.
So don‘t say we didn‘t warn you...