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28th of January, 2023
Club Kablys
Kauno g. 5, Vilnius

Klubas Pikuolis
Event organizer
Club “Pikuolis”
Phone: +37061272742

TAAKE, which were founded in Bergen, 1993, is actually a one-man project. It's hard to tell how much of a man he is, but one thing is certain - he is full of devils. A rare musician can endure him for a longer period of time, his lyrics interests even those, who do not listen to heavy music and even the jail barber did not dare to cut his hair... At the same time, he is one of the biggest self-lovers in world of black metal. Did you know that his portrait is on all seven TAAKE album covers?

Despite his wrathful and unpredictable character, Hoest's (real name Erjan Stedjeberg) talent is particularly appreciated both in Norway's and the whole world's black metal scenes. This boorish scandalist is brewing dark, suppressing and somewhat dangerous black metal for the third decade. Always pure and true, yet never boring and undiluted with modern junk. Contrary to many of his predecessors, whose music went downhill, Hoest stayed true to his style. His creativity represents all that is best in Norwegian black metal - grisly atmosphere, devilish speed, monstrosity, beauty and ugliness. And wrong are all who think that this genre is long dead and uninteresting. Take a bite of TAAKE!

Along with aforementioned Norwegians during the WINTER OF WOLVES festival, 23rd of January at bar "Kablys", you'll see:

IMPALED NAZARENE – fast and furious black metal madmen from Finland;
1914 – quickly rising blackened doom death metal spreaders from Ukraine.

The list will get bigger. Ticket price will rise accordingly.