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28th of January, 2023
Club Kablys
Kauno g. 5, Vilnius

Klubas Pikuolis
Event organizer
Club “Pikuolis”
Phone: +37061272742

“WINTER OF WOLVES” comes back to Vilnius for the 4th time!

It is the annual festival which caters Baltic metalheads with famous metal bands, not forgetting to provide also fresh musical discoveries. Though we go hunting only for fourth time, we already had such well known bands as Pungent Stench, Saturnus, Centinex, Skyforger, Gods Tower, Dordeduh, Vesania and others on our stage. We believe that nobody will object - it is a festival of true and modern metal music.

This year, in the Winter of Wolves one of the main bands will be ASPHYX – the Death Metal legend from Netherlands.

This band globally contributed to the first wave Death Metal and its name is among all the most elite bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse and others. The band comes to Lithuania especially for this concert. Their first performance in Baltic countries was organized in festival “Kilkim Žaibu” in 2014.

Though band was formed in 1987, ASPHYX doesn’t lack creativity nowadays as well. Last year they released box-office hit album “Incoming Death” which was appreciated by critics all over the world. Such metal magazines like “Legacy” considered this album one of the year’s Death metal albums.

ASPHYX frontman and vocalist Martin Van Drunen introduces this album like that: “We are very proud of this the best ASPHYX album! As far as I have gotten to know our devoted fans all over the world, they are also proud of us! Soon we will invade the stages in all continents to show you what we do best: energetic, loud, sweaty, dirty and brutal live performances!”

Of course, in the “Winter of Wolves” you will be able to hear not only the new stuff, but all the coolest ASPHYX’s songs too!

By the way, no winter passes by without preparations for the summer. “Winter of Wolves” is the small brother of “Kilkim Žaibu” festival, also it is like a balance to the rumbling summer celebration. We invite you not to wait all year long, let’s meet in winter as well! We have to reveal a little secret: those who are hungry like wolves, will be able to purchase the cheapest tickets to next year’s “Kilkim Žaibu 19”!

This year “Winter of Wolves” will be cold and harsh like never. We are preparing the coolest bands, the most excellent craft beer, games and other kinds of entertainment. The “Winter of Wolves” could be Your fantastic winter, too!

We promise – we have more sledgehammer bands to be announced!

“Winter of Wolves” will happen on December 2nd in the club “Pelėda”, Vilnius.

You can buy the first tickets here already for only 20 €:

The tickets will be more expensive on festival‘s day.