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1st of February, 2020
Club Kablys
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Klubas Pikuolis
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Club “Pikuolis”
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Фестиваль "Волчья Зима II" в Вильнюсе

Рок-клуб "Pikuolis" представляет зимний фолк-метал фестиваль "VILKU ŽIEMA" (Волчья Зима), который состоится 14 декабря 2013 в Вильнюсе, Литва.

Клуб "Pikuolis" известен как организатор старейшего летнего фестиваля "Kilkim Zaibu" (будущим летом грядет 15-летний юбилей), а зимний фест "Волчья Зима" - наша новая традиция, и пройдет в Вильнюсе во 2-й раз. Возглавят фестиваль европейские легенды The Church Of PUNGENT STENCH (Австрия) и SATURNUS (Дания), при поддержке беларусов GODS TOWER и двух дополнительных групп, чьи имена пока хранятся в тайне.

Местом проведения фестиваля выбрали старый клуб "Propaganda" (расположен рядом с центром города). Для Вильнюса это легендарная концертная площадка, где давным-давно состоялись первые в Литве концерты зарубежных звезд Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Vader, Nile, и где проходили знаковые фестивали с участием будущих балтийских рок-звезд. Фестиваль "Волчья Зима" хранит дух дружеских рок-н-ролльных времен, и это не только концерт любимой музыки, но и возможность увидеть старых друзей и завести новых за бокалом вкусного пива от местных пивоварен.



WINTER OF WOLVES – festival that recalls of ancient times

10th of December, 2011, will mark the beginnings of a new heavy metal festival WINTER OF WOLVES.

This festival will be another offering of the club “Pikuolis'” to the Lithuanian enthusiasts of heavy music. The festival will take place in the capital and it is tribute to the residents of Vilnius who had always supported ARISE WITH THUNDER. The latter festival is mentioned since WINTER OF WOLVES is going to be a fraternal event that is going to take place in capital during the cold season of the year. It is going to be a wintry introduction to the ARISE WITH THUNDER, but, on the other hand, it is going to be a separate and event, which, we hope, will consolidate among the high abundance of events happening over there. After the ranks of “Pikuolis” had became stronger and our experience grew, we decided that we are strong enough to spread our workings to the wider scope. We are sure that there will never be too many pagan events in the land that had resisted against bearers of the cross for the longest time.

WINTER OF WOLVES festival will prolong the deeds of such events as BALTIC THUNDER, BALTIC SUN etc. As we are looking for strength among our roots, we are not closing the doors for new ideas. A path of the seeker is acceptable for us and unsuspected findings always gratify. Even the driving force of the festival stands upon folk, pagan and black metal, the festival remains open to the other forms of heavy music. One should not loose his watchfulness as we keep the rights to behave unpredictably...

The name of the fest WINTER OF WOLVES has born since winter is a time of wolves. This is widely illustrated in the Lithuanian folk tales. To honour the wolves, one of the winter months, December, was recalled as a month of the wolf.

So we are prod to present a new festival based on ancient traditions - WINTER OF WOLVES.