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28th of January, 2023
Club Kablys
Kauno g. 5, Vilnius

Klubas Pikuolis
Event organizer
Club “Pikuolis”
Phone: +37061272742

The sixth heavy music festival VILKŲ ŽIEMA will thunder at the big hall of the legendary Kablys Club in Vilnius already this Saturday – on 1 February.

This year the planning of the festival was as challenging as ever and the lineup is quite different from what we had imagined at first. Nevertheless, we believe that the night will be truly great. We prepared for this festival with great care and responsibility. Various requests of the bands made the technical part of the event a real challenge even with our quite substantial experience. A new feature – an LED screen instead of the usual backdrop, showing video projections during the concert. Sound and lighting technicians are also putting an all-out effort to ensure the highest quality of the event.

Music. Don’t give in to rumours that this year’s lineup needs more spice. Yes, this WINTER OF WOLVES will be a little different than last year. The variety of genres and the deep atmosphere is making this event even more attractive, wintry and enchanting. Things to know:

The new lineup of VĖLIŲ NAMAI is preparing a special programme, promising to lure the audience into a wintry trance with their shaman rhythms.

WOLVENNEST – we highly recommend giving this black magic coven your undivided attention. Namely this team gave us numerous technical challenges. And namely this team is probably the first band to bring Theremin – the unique and ethereal instrument, which uses proximity sensors to produce sound – on stage in Lithuania. WOLVENNEST – the guides to the infinite depth – and their wonderful shaman vocalist Shazzula will take you to the world of rituals and occult through the intensity of their psychedelic vortex.

LOITS are the exemplary heralds of Estonian metal, freedom and founders of their own musical genre – flack’n’roll. This is an exceptional opportunity to see this Baltic metal cult in Vilnius. Nobody knows, when you will get another chance to do it or if you’ll get it at all...

MÅNEGARM – one of the most prominent names of Viking metal in the world. Their excellent skills in weaving metal and folk into a single thread enables them to produce the finest musical balance. Staying away from standard folk motifs and stale drinking songs, the Swedes successfully drive their longship of Viking music much further than other representatives of this genre. Catchy mood during MÅNEGARM gigs is guaranteed, check it out yourselves!

INFERNAL WAR. Would you stop with the bans already. Give the band the best agency, put it in the black metal headliner positions and you will see what some of Lithuania’s neighbours are capable of. This is the highest-grade bone-breaking and uncompromising black metal. We are ready to give them excellent conditions for their gig and wish you to have a blast in this vortex of metal triumph.

Running order:

17.00 Doors

18.00 – 18.40 VĖLIŲ NAMAI – Lithuania, ritualistic dark folk / ambient;
19.00 - 20.00 WOLVENNEST - Belgium, occultpsychedelic rock / metal;
20.30 - 21.30 LOITS - Estonia, capturing flak'n'roll;
22.00 - 23.00 MÅNEGARM - Sweden, militant and catchy Viking metal;
23.30 - 00.30 INFERNAL WAR - Poland, uncompromising black metal.

00.30 – 02.00 whoop it up with DJ True Metal – Black'n'roll!

During the entire event the small hall will feature yet unpublished KILKIM ŽAIBU XX videos. We will reveal several more of the KILKIM ŽAIBU bands. You will also be able to purchase tickets to this year’s summer KILKIM ŽAIBU fest for a friendlier price.

Your thirst at VILKŲ ŽIEMA festival will be quenched by all kinds of excellent Dundulis beer (from 3 €). All beer will be served in returnable KILKIM ŽAIBU cups. The deposit for a cup is 1 € and you will get your money back upon returning the cup. At the festival, you will also be able to buy merchandise of the lineup bands, as well as KILKIM ŽAIBU and VILKŲ ŽIEMA festivals.
Stay strong and enjoy!

Tickets for 28 € are available online:

Ticket price at the door – 30 €.